Programs and services at the performance centre

At the BaiMed Performance centre we provide elite-level programs aimed at increasing strength, power, speed, agility, fitness, and flexibility in your chosen activity. We live by the philosophy of predict, prevent, perform – our programs are aimed at preventing injury to allow you to perform your best.

Sport Specific Programs

No matter what your sport, we have a program designed to help you perform better. We have sport-specific experience and an evidence-based approach so our programs provide proven results.

Perform at your best and avoid injury

Perform at your best and avoid injury with an athletic performance plan designed for you. With your individual sport, injury and performance goal in mind, our specialist practitioners provide one-on-one coaching sessions, safe programming design and a special tracking app so you can monitor your progress in your own time.

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We focus on prediction and prevention, offering a complete service to basketballers – from customised strength training and injury prevention programs to advice and treatment for all basketball-related injuries.

Our focus is prevention, providing a full body screen to help us determine any areas that could be prone to injury. We will talk to you about your goals with the sport and provide a complete tailored plan to help you be stronger, faster, more agile and resistant to injury.

“BaiMed’s commitment to ‘prehab’ and the avoidance of injuries are why I put all of my trust into their hands.”
 Kevin Lisch, Sydney Kings (formerly Illawarra Hawks), 2016 Olympian

“Having played basketball all over the world I can honestly say that you will not find a better group of people to care for you than the staff at BaiMed. Their knowledge and expertise is second-to-none.” A J Ogilvy, Illawarra Hawks

Improve your performance on the field

Cricketing injuries can occur in a wide range of areas – from lower back and shoulder strain, to hamstring, ankle and neck. A BaiMed Cricket Specific Screening will determine areas of weakness or deficiencies in your technique or physique and provide you with customised prevention strategies including a combination of core stability control, specific strengthening, technique correction, and tips for general aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Make the most of your season by preventing injury before it occurs.

DownloadCricket Services Flyer

Improve your performance and avoid injury

We have worked closely with Crossfit athletes and sports physiotherapists to develop the BaiMed Crossfit specific screen. Because we understand the musculoskeletal requirements of Crossfit, we can provide prevention strategies to help you avoid common injuries and improve your Crossfit performance. We also help with existing injuries using an evidence-based approach to treatment designed to return you to your sport fast.

Download – Crossfit Specific Screen Flyer

A custom Bike Fit is the key to better performance

Riders often compromise their position on the bike to reduce risk of injury and improve comfort. This can affect both power production and aerodynamics. If you want to be comfortable, injury free, and as fast as possible, a BaiMed custom Bike Fit can help you take your cycling to the next level.

Our physiotherapists combine a detailed understanding of cycling biomechanics and human physiology with a passion for the sport, and take the time to identify any areas that may be limiting your performance. Then make the right modifications to you, the bike (or a combination of both) to ensure you achieve your performance goals.

Download – Bike Fit Flyer 

Improve your functional capability

The BaiMed Dance Screen is designed to enhance the dancer’s safe participation by detecting any performance-limiting musculoskeletal conditions or identifying conditions that may predispose a dancer to injury.

Created in partnership and consultation with highly experienced dance instructors, the BaiMed Dance Screen will provide a set of tools that will support dancers, their teachers and their health professionals.

Download – Dance Screen Flyer

Increase your performance on court

We focus on prediction and prevention, offering a complete service to netballers – from customised strength training and injury prevention programs to advice and treatment for all netball-related injuries.

Our focus is prevention, providing a full body screen to help us determine any areas that could be prone to injury. We will talk to you about your goals with the sport and provide a complete tailored plan to help you be stronger, faster, more agile and resistant to injury.

Download – Netball Specific Screen Flyer

BaiMed Netball Ambassadors

“In 2015 I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon. BaiMed Physio Ros Craig played a major role in my rehabilitation and return to the ANZ Championship League 2016. Her knowledge and commitment helped to get my body back to peak performance.” Courtney Tairi , Silver Fern and ANZ Championship player.

“I truly believe the BaiMed performance centre and netball specific services are opening a door to netball players that has always been only available to the elite professional sportsperson.” Mo’onia Gerrard, World Champion and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.

“The philosophy and principles of the BaiMed netball specific screening is exactly what the young or aspiring netball athlete requires. Why risk anything getting in your way?” Marj Pa, Fiji International representative, Sydney Swifts, Head Coach at Illawarra Academy of Sport.

“BaiMed’s netball specific screening is a huge stepping stone for netball players wanting to take their game to the next level. It’s so exciting having these world class services in our local area.” Taylah Davies, State representative, NSW Waratahs Captain 2016, GWS Giants Player.

“I wish I’d known about BaiMed’s Netball Screening when I was a young netballer. Avoiding injury by being properly physically prepared would have saved me so much downtime.” Natalie Behl (nee Sloane), Sydney Swifts, Adelaide Thunderbirds and World Youth Cup Winner.

Get stronger with reduced injury risk

The BaiMed powerlifting specific screen has been developed in collaboration with powerlifters and Physiotherapists with many years of lifting experience. It is designed to identify any physical limitation or weakness/imbalance that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Injured? BaiMed can also work with you to fix any of your lifting injuries. Our experienced Sports Physiotherapists will quickly get you back in the gym and back to performing your best.

Download – Powerlifting Specific Screen Flyer

Improve your performance and avoid injury

Have you had an injury and want to get back to your best in your chosen sport or exercise? Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists specialise in rehabilitation and reconditioning after any injury. We treat athletes of all ages and from all levels of sporting ability – from elite to general. Talk to us today about getting back into your sport sooner.

Improve your running with BaiMed Runscreen

The BaiMed Performance Centre offers technique screening programs specifically for runners and sprinters, designed to help you run faster and avoid injury. We perform a whole body assessment to identify physical limitations or technical flaws, then tailor a specific exercise and technique correction program that will help you reach your potential.

In addition, the BaiMed Performance Staff can also structure a high performance program to support and improve training at the track and ultimately improve performance.

BaiMed Runscreen is the best way to take your running to the next level – making you stronger, faster, better.

Download – Run Screen Flyer

Download – Sprint Screen Flyer

Improve times and reduce injury

Swimming is a unique sport that takes place against the resistance of fluid instead of air. The ability of an athlete to maintain a hydrodynamic position in the water has a significant impact on performance.

A BaiMed Swim Screening can identify any underlying physical issues, restrictions or weaknesses that could be contributing to particular technique issues, and flag potential for injury. Our experienced physiotherapists will develop a customised plan that improves your strength, power, mobility and durability, ultimately resulting in better performance.

Download – Swim Screen Flyer

Dominate the opposition with speed & agility

Being fast and agile are two of the most important qualities required for individuals to succeed in team sports. Speed and agility require a combination of strength, power, mobility and stability which is why training to improve these qualities needs an individualised and targeted approach.

The BaiMed Performance team specialise in creating customised programs to develop your athleticism and explosiveness.  So why not book an initial consultation today and join the most comprehensive speed and agility program around.

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Improve your performance on the field

Increase your performance on court. Why wait until you’re injured to get some expert advice. We focus on prediction, prevention and performance, offering a complete service to tennis players – from customised strength training and injury prevention programs to advice and treatment for all tennis-related injuries.

We will talk to you about your goals within your sport and provide a complete tailored plan to help you be stronger, faster, more agile, more consistent and resistant to injury.

Download – Tennis Specific Screen Flyer

Young people benefit from strength training too

Resistance training offers young people a safe way of improving strength, flexibility and movement efficiency so they reduce their risk of injury and prepare their bodies for sport and exercise. The BaiMed Youth Strong Program is run by fully qualified, experienced exercise physiologists who will custom design a program for your child and supervise them during their training.

Incorporating resistance training, stretching, balance work, movement coordination and stability in a fun and stimulating environment, the Youth Strong Program is designed for males and females aged between 6 and 18 years – and is great for all levels of ability in all types of sports.

Download – Youth Strong Flyer

Injury/Condition Specific Programs

At the BaiMed Performance Centre we have designed a range of programs to treat specific conditions. From a thorough assessment to hands-on therapies and strengthening programs, we use our expertise to get you back to peak performance as fast as possible.

Return to performance after ACL Injury

Injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (aka the ACL) is one of the most common knee injuries we see at BaiMed Performance Centre. Usually caused by a non-contact pivoting injury in sports like football, netball, basketball, tennis, and gymnastics, ACL injury can happen easily, with women around six times more likely to experience it than men.

More serious ACL injuries result in surgery, with around 400,000 ACL reconstructions conducted each year globally. Unfortunately, reinjury rates are still very high for people returning to competitive sport

We have strong evidence that shows ACL reinjury can be prevented through a specific exercise program by a quailified practitioner. And adherence to a rehabilitation program gives a massive 82% success rate for athletes returning to sport.

At BaiMed we manage our ACL patients from injury back to the level of performance that they were before injury. Our philosophy is not just “return to play”, but “return to perform”. We monitor you the whole way from Physio table back to sporting field, to ensure you have the best chance of a full recovery.

BaiMed ACL Research Project: We are in the early stages of an exciting research project looking at risk factors for first time and recurrent ACL injuries. More news to come.

Download – ACL Assessment Flyer

Download – ACL Program Questionnaire

Does your child suffer knee or heel pain?

Growth-related pain, often called ‘growing pains’ is relatively common in young people, but a child limping with heel or knee pain is definitely not normal. This type of pain can often be associated with Osgood-Schlatter Disease at the knee and Sever’s Disease at the heel, and correct management can avoid any long-term issues associated with leaving it untreated.

The team at BaiMed has the experience to thoroughly assess and determine the stage of your child’s injury, and achieve the best possible outcome through both treatment and education. If possible, we aim to keep the child playing their chosen sport throughout. The important thing is not to delay treatment.

Download – Growing Pains Flyer

Hamstring Program

Hamstring injuries account for up to 25% of all injuries in contact sports like soccer, netball and rugby league, and are responsible for the most lost game time in the AFL. With AIS-developed cutting-edge equipment to assess and monitor hamstring strength, the BaiMed Performance Centre is THE hamstring centre in the Illawarra.

With a 31% injury reoccurrence rate, latest evidence supports the early intervention of strength training to limit the likelihood of re-injury. The comprehensive hamstring assessment conducted by the BaiMed Performance team encompasses specific hamstring strength parameters while considering running mechanics, ground contact time and force production qualities across both limbs.

Ensure optimal recovery and return to your sport quicker

Tendons can be easily injured through repetitive use or overstretching. They can also be stubborn to heal. That’s why at BaiMed Performance Centre we combine high level experience with evidence-based treatment to deliver a complete treatment package.

Previously referred to as tendonitis, but now known as a tendinopathy, tendon pain is often associated with areas such as the Achilles, patella, elbow, shoulder and hamstring. Current research supports the need for early physiotherapy treatment to ensure optimal recovery and return to your chosen sport/activity and avoid long term problems.

It’s a common misconception that tendon pain requires rest. To the contrary, this de-loads the tendon and increases the length of recovery time. The trick

is finding the correct level of activity for you. Let the experienced physiotherapists at BaiMed provide you with an individualised approach to your tendon recovery and successful return to sport or activity.